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A full-bodied, yet fresh dry red, made from the Saperavi grape produces a glorious deep wine that you are going to love. It’s already become one of the iconic wines from Georgia. The dark ruby colour, typical for younger red wines like this one, brings aromas of ripe cherry, blackcurrants, blackberries with some herbal (coriander and cinnamon) notes. All of which matches and harmonises the rich flavour and velvet texture. Despite it’s deep colour, it’s very light, with soft tannins and is very easy to drink. It goes perfectly with fresh vegetables, grilled meat, stews, casseroles and fruit.



Out of the 18 registered varieties of Georgian wine, 14 of them are produced in Kakheti.



The Saperavi grape, also known as ‘the place of colour’, is the leading variety of red grape in Georgia and is used to make many of the countries leading red wines. It’s one of the 525 indigenous grape varieties in Georgia. The grapes produce deep-coloured wines with marked acidity and, usually, tannin. Its wines tend to respond well to ageing. Saperavi grapes are dark-skinned, pink-fleshed grown throughout the Caucasus, but Kakheti is the premier region. The grape is also finding homes much further afield in Australia and New York State. The grapes bring an intense colour and a marked acidity to the wines produced from it. Translated it means “paint, dye, give colour’, which is the perfect embodiment of what it does. Saperavi grapes are a teinturier-type grape meaning its whose flesh and juice is red in colour, due to anthocyanin pigments accumulating within the pulp of the grape berry itself. In most grapes, anthocyanin pigments are confined to the outer skin tissue only, and the squeezed grape juice of most dark-skinned grape varieties is clear. The red colour of red wine comes from anthocyanins extracted from the macerated skins, over a period of days during the fermentation process. Historically, Saperavi grapes were often blended with ‘cheaper’ grapes to produce cheaper wines, but, in relatively recent years, winemakers across the country have begun to recognise its quality in produced more mature wines with a characteristic bouquet and a very harmonious taste.

Saperavi Classic

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  • Kakheti is arguably Georgia’s premier wine-making region. It’s not the only one, but Kakheti is increasingly popular with visitors wishing to sampling its ancient viniculture. Kakheti sits in eastern Georgia, on the borders of Russia to the north, and Azerbaijan to the east and south. The Kakheti capital is the city of Telavi and it’s one of the most diverse areas in the whole country. Don’t forget to visit Sighnaghi also. Both of them have undergone significant redevelopment in recent years to make them more ‘tourist friendly’. Whilst much of its landscape is semi-desert, it can almost feel like a different country, compared to other areas of Georgia. The weather in Kakheti varies from hot to blustery. Whilst it may not scream ‘bikini weather’, it’s perfect for growing grapes. The Kakheti climate is quite similar to many Mediterranean countries, which gives it the ideal conditions to grow grapes. Today, the region is now just as famous for its wine, as it is for its stunning landscapes. One of its most colourful and influential historical figures was poet and public figure Prince Chavchavadze. You can take a tour of his estate, laid out in a style that’s very reminiscent of an English stately home. He was also a pioneer of bringing European wine-making techniques to Georgia. When you’re there, make sure you take a tour of his estate and see the famous cellars which contain over 16,000 bottles of wine.