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This award-winning amber wine, made from the Kisi grape, originates in the Kakheti region of Georgia. If you’re curious as to how good it is, It received the Platinum award, the highest available, in the Best Value category at the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) in 2018. The awards are judged by 275 experts from different countries, including Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, who all tasted 16,903 samples of wines. Wines were evaluated according to a 100-point scale and this one received 97 points. This stunning wine is fermented using the ancient Qvevri technique, producing a peach-coloured dry wine, that gives the senses the aroma of orange peel, red-currants and hazelnuts. On the palate, gentle, nutty tannins smother the tongue with apricots, pear and roasted nuts and herbs.



Kakheti is often described as the ‘birthplace of wine’



Native to the Kakheti region, the Kisi grape is one of the rarest varieties in Georgia. It almost became extinct in the late 1990 / early 2000s. Before Georgia gained its independence, the former Soviet Union had a preference for the Rkatsiteli grape, meaning that Kisi was rarely used, therefore there was little need to grow it. Since then, it has slowly regained a small foothold in the main Telavi area. It doesn’t help also, that it can be tricky to grow in the first place, but does tend to produce finer wine. There is a school of thought from a section of scientists that believe the Kisi grape is actually a hybrid of the Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane grape. Either way, Kisi vines don’t produce huge amounts of grapes, but that doesn't mean they don’t pack a punch. Kisi grapes are blessed with unforgettable flavours and aromas that transport the senses and bring together a multitude of fragrances including pear, walnut, marigolds and even tea! All of these incredible flavours are helped and enhanced due to the late picking of the grapes, which only occurs when the grapes are fully matured in late September / early October. The grapes are fermented in a Qvevri, meaning they are in full contact with the skin and seeds, producing its distinctive colour once bottled.



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Maranuli Kisi, Platinum DWWA

  • Kakheti is arguably Georgia’s premier wine-making region. It’s not the only one, but Kakheti is increasingly popular with visitors wishing to sampling its ancient viniculture. Kakheti sits in eastern Georgia, on the borders of Russia to the north, and Azerbaijan to the east and south. The Kakheti capital is the city of Telavi and it’s one of the most diverse areas in the whole country. Don’t forget to visit Sighnaghi also. Both of them have undergone significant redevelopment in recent years to make them more ‘tourist friendly’. Whilst much of its landscape is semi-desert, it can almost feel like a different country, compared to other areas of Georgia. The weather in Kakheti varies from hot to blustery. Whilst it may not scream ‘bikini weather’, it’s perfect for growing grapes. The Kakheti climate is quite similar to many Mediterranean countries, which gives it the ideal conditions to grow grapes. Today, the region is now just as famous for its wine, as it is for its stunning landscapes. One of its most colourful and influential historical figures was poet and public figure Prince Chavchavadze. You can take a tour of his estate, laid out in a style that’s very reminiscent of an English stately home. He was also a pioneer of bringing European wine-making techniques to Georgia. When you’re there, make sure you take a tour of his estate and see the famous cellars which contain over 16,000 bottles of wine.