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A remarkably smooth, semi-sweet red, similar to a Zinfandel, that has lots of juicy fruit flavours that showcase the diversity of Georgian wines perfectly. Don’t be put off by the term ‘sweet’ when it comes to red wine, this is an authentic, naturally, semi-sweet wine made from the Saperavi grape, a tannic and complex grape from the Kindzmaureli area of Georgia. It offers aromas of rose petals, wild berries, sour cherry, plums and violets. On the palate it offers a soft, silky finish that’s both firm and sweet, with a balance of tannin. It’s this grape grown in the protected Alazani Valley that lends this stunning wine a balance that allows you to enjoy it with any number of food pairings including pork, duck, blue and white cheese, vegetables or seafood.



Pronounced “Kinz-mah-rah-oo-lee”



In the battle to produce Georgia’s best sweet wine, the Kindzmarauli and Khvanchkara areas reign supreme. We like to pin our colours to Kindzmarauli, thanks to their use of the Saperavi grapes which gives the wine a natural sweetness and a soft, rounded texture, rather than being sweet for sweetness sake. The grapes give the wine a deep, purple / red colour with notes of damson jam, blackberries and some spice. There are distinct fruit overtones from these grapes that wine-makers love to develop. Because of the warmer climate, compared to other areas of Kakheti, the grapes tend to get riper and more sweet. The main grapes grown are the Rkatsitel. The grapes tend to be vilified using the classical method and macerated for 5-6 days. The Saperavi grape, also known as ‘the place of colour’, is the leading variety of red grape in Georgia and is used to make many of the countries leading red wines. It’s one of the 525 indigenous grape varieties in Georgia. The grapes produce deep-coloured wines with marked acidity and, usually, tannin. Its wines tend to respond well to ageing. Saperavi grapes are dark-skinned, pink-fleshed grown throughout the Caucasus, but Kakheti is the premier region.



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  • Based within a micro-viticulture zone within the Kakheti region of Georgia, Kindzmarauli is located on the banks of the Alazani River, at the foothills of the Greater Caucus mountains. The river is the main tributary in eastern Georgia and flows for 218 miles, part of which forms the border between Georgia and Azerbaijan. It’s the main source of irrigation and drinking water for the country. As the river meanders its way through Georgia, it passes the fruitful Alazani Valley, in Kakheti, the centre of the its wine industry which enjoys a slightly warmer climate than the rest of Kakheti.

    If that name sounds familiar, it lends itself to a number of different Georgian semi-dry wines including Marani Alazani Valley and Old Tbilisi Alazani, but we’re interested in the incredible semi-sweet red. Kindzmarauli is actually an appellation of controlled origin (AOC); a legally-defined and protected area used to identify where the grapes are grown.

    It also restricts what grapes are grown here, the maximum yield, alcohol levels and many other factors all designed to ensure the quality remains high. The ground here is much stonier than in many other wine producing regions in Georgia, so the wines tend to be more mineral and higher in acidity, perfect for creating this region’s famous semi-sweet wines, including this one.