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Why people are going crazy for Moldovan red wine

What do you picture when you think of heaven?

At the Vino Market, we think of blue skies, rolling hills and unlimited red wine.

A.K.A Moldova.

With the highest number of grapevines planted per person in the world, Moldova is officially the capital of wine. Its smooth and complex reds may not be as well-known French or Italian wines, but with 112,000 hectares of vineyards and over 30 different types, including Rara Neagra and Fetească Neagră, it’s the secret gem of the red wine world.

But wait!!! Before you jump on a plane to wine-lovers heaven, why not buy a bottle from us instead? You can have a river of red wine delivered straight to your door in no time.

But which wine should you choose? Keep reading to find out how to pick the most sumptuous red for the right occasion.

The Rara Neagra - velvety, full bodied and laced with chocolate and plums

The Moldovan Rara Neagra or the black grape is an ancient, late-ripening grape that has been starring in delicious reds since the 14th century.

If you know this type of grape, then you must know the award-winning wine which make it so popular, the Purcari Rara Neagra. This incredible wine is everything a fantastic Moldovan red should be; robust, full-bodied and velvety. It echoes accents of chocolate, plums and dried fruits and comes complete with a warm oak aftertaste. Not surprising given that it’s aged for 6 months in French oak barriques. It has a sweet finish and makes a fantastic dessert wine. For more food pairings and to try it yourself, take a look here.

Rara Neagra bunches are medium sized and sparse, with a conical or winged shape. The grapes themselves are flattened, or occasionally spherical, and covered with a bluish, waxy patina. The skin is medium thick, and the pulp is juicy. The grapes ripen between the end of September and the beginning of October.

Rara Neagra was officially described in 1946, when it appeared in the Register of Plant Varieties of Moldova. Although it is widely grown in neighbouring Romania, its production in Moldova is limited. This is why you won’t be able to find it in your local supermarket – but you can find it here at the Vino Market.

The Feteasca Neagra – rich, deep and fruity, with hints of cherry and blackcurrant

The other famous Moldovan red grape is the Fetească Neagră, a.k.a the Black Maiden grape. This red wine is making a massive comeback! It had all but disappeared until growers recognised its amazing potential to create red wine that’s bursting with flavour. Which is exactly why we stock it here at The Vino Market.

The grape itself is a deep red colour with beautiful ruby red shades. It has subtle, smooth blackcurrant and black cherry flavours, which grow as the wine ages.

Fancy trying it yourself? We’d recommend the Bostavan DOR, a stunning blend of Fetească Neagră and Pinot Noir grapes. If you like your wine full-bodied, with deep notes and a hint of vanilla, this is the perfect one for you.

If you’re not red drinker, we hope we’ve whetted your appetite to try something a little darker. But be on the lookout for our next blog about Moldovan whites or check The Vino Market’s range of Moldovan whites! Wine making in Moldova may be new to you, but 3000 years of expertise can be found in every single one of their bottles. Noroc!

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