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Romanian Wines

It is easy to misunderstand Romania and its wine industry. Romania is a very old culture but a surprisingly young nation-state. Contemporary Romania is dating to the end of the Soviet era in 1989 but the wine on its grounds have been made for six or seven thousand years. The current culture embraces wine and their semi - sweet wines remain to be very popular. It is no surprise that since joining the European Union, the quality has improved dramatically and the focus has shifted towards dry wines.

Romania is fortunate to have a wine grape treasury that includes a number of indigenous varieties that make distinctive, delicious wines. Romanian wine does and should focus on its native varietals and in the right hands, Feteasca Regala (white), Feteasca Neagra (red) and Busuioaca de Bohotin (rosé) produce very exciting wines.

The wine that fills Romanian glasses represents an interesting mixture of past, present, and future, dry and sweet, native and international.

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