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Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Kisi, grape, Georgian grape variety, georgian wine, qvevri
Kisi grape, Georgian grape variety

The Georgian grape Kisi is believed to be a hybrid between the Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli varieties. It is very sensitive to lack of water, high temperatures and sudden temperature drops so this grape is relatively challenging to grow and the yearly produce is small. Kisi grape is capable of producing high quality wines.

Kisi qvevri wines are characterised by aromas of ripe pear, marigold, tobacco, and walnut.

MARANULI, QVEVRI, KISI, 2017, Georgian wine

Maranuli Qvevri Kisi (2017) received an impressive Decanter 2018 award as Best Value Georgian Amber wine in Qvevri (97 points) and a Platinum medal.

This Kisi, amber wine is made from 100% of Kisi grape variety, which is cultivated in the region of Kakheti, located within Eastern Georgia.

Heavenly skin-contact example with a peach skin, orange peel, gentle hazelnut and redcurrant nose. On the palate, grippy, nutty tannins assert themselves alongside lovely Kisi fruit; the mouth brims with apricots, roasted herbs and twigs.

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