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Kvanchkara - dessert wine

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Kvanchkara, Georgian wine, medium sweet
Kvanchkara, Georgian wine, medium sweet

Medium – sweet red wine Khvanchkara is made from the Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli grape varieties cultivated in Georgian mountain region Racha Region. This wine is made for centuries, but the wider European public was presented this gift only in 1907.

This region is characterized by early frosts, causing to interrupt the fermentation of the wort. This results in the decreased water content and increased amount of sugar in the grape. This is how the wine acquires its unique taste and high quality properties.

The wine is a dark ruby-colour, tender mild and with well balanced sweetness and acidity, which makes it especially piquant. The wine is rich with raspberry, ripe plum and cherry tones, which is an excellent and inimitable combination.

At first this wine was known in the market as "Kijanowski", but it was renamed "Khvanchkara" and until today this is the name we recognise this brand imported today to many countries.

Annual crop varieties of which make "Khvanchkara" do not exceed 800 tons, making this bottle usually a premium find.

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